What Happens After The Hearing?

Much of the Social Security process is about waiting. After the hearing, you will once again have to wait. The decision from the judge can come as quickly as two weeks, or it could take a few months. If you are concerned about the fact that you have not heard anything yet, feel free to call your attorney to find out the status of your case. Your attorney will likely have electronic access to your file and will be able to view the judge’s decision before they mail you a letter.

The decision about your appeal will come in a letter, as this is the main way for the Social Security Administration to contact everyone. It is again important to make sure that your address stays up to date during this time.

If you are approved for benefits-congratulations! This entire process is almost over. Be sure to go down to your local office right away and give them any paperwork needed. You will be paid any back pay that they ow you from the past couple of years while the hearing was being appealed in installments. Any payment your attorney or any other state agency may be owed will be taken as well, and then you will be all set to go.

If your appeal gets denied, you can either begin the process all over again with a new application or appeal the second denial. Continue reading onto the next post to find out what happens if you decide to go down that path.

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