How Can I Lose My SSI Benefits?

How Can I Lose My SSI Benefits?

Social Security Income and Social Security Disability are two different programs. If you are receiving Social Security Income (SSI), you are disabled and have also fallen into a specific income bracket.

In order to be eligible for SSI, you have to have less than $2,000 to your name. this includes any bank accounts, child support, or assets. You also must be disabled.

If you have been approved for SSI and are receiving benefits, it is still possible to lose those benefits. There are various reasons you can lose your SSI benefits:
1) Your living situation changes
2) You get married
3) You get a full-time job
4) You receive a check or payment that is over $2,000
5) You are gift an asset that is over $2,000
6) You win a settlement or claim that is over $2,000
7) You are no longer disabled

Almost every reason that you would lose your benefits stems from the monetary qualifications needed for SSI. If something does happen in which you are receiving a temporary payment, it is best to see if that can be broken up so as not to affect your SSI benefits.

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