Attorney Elizabeth A. Smith is a supplemental security income attorney in Western Pennsylvania. Her practice is focused on assisting individuals who have been denied Social Security benefits. With more than 27 years of experience, she has helped numerous clients secure their financial future through a reversal of the original decision on their case.

Attorney Elizabeth A. Smith is a member and former president of the Butler County Bar Association.


Joseph R., one month ago

Schedule a consultation with Elizabeth

If you want to have a chance at winning your case for Social Security disability, I highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Elizabeth Smith. It’s discouraging to receive that first denial, but Elizabeth can tell you if you have a case. If she agrees to represent you, she’ll explain how everything works and guide you to receiving a fully favorable decision. Don’t try to do this on your own, and don’t go to an attorney who doesn’t specialize in Social Security cases. She and her assistants are professional but persistent in obtaining records from doctors and keeping clients on track. Most importantly, Elizabeth knows what the Administrative Law Judge wants to see and what he or she doesn’t want to see. She can put together an efficient strategy to help you win. The service she provides is well worth it.

Sara, one month ago

I felt confident having her by my side

I was discouraged after having my initial SSDI application denied. Fortunately, I contacted Elizabeth Smith. She has an intuitive understanding of what her clients need. Not only did she demonstrate legal expertise, but she also displayed a compassion that is often lacking in professionals. She and her staff were able to get all of the records and documentation needed for my case with a polite but firm “Urgent—ACTION NEEDED” subject line. Elizabeth was patient and kind with me and prepared me at length for my hearing. I felt very confident having her by my side as the ALJ asked questions. I’m certain that Elizabeth’s advice throughout the process is what led to a fully favorable decision in my case.

May, three months ago

Elizabeth knows the system

I can’t say enough good things about Elizabeth. While professionally guiding my daughter through the appeal process, she always made her feel that she was in her corner, looking out for her in such a way that she still felt her “self-worth” which was so important. Elizabeth knows the system and helps you through it, supporting you all the way. If you’re looking for someone who is there when you need them, Elizabeth is the attorney you want. She is a good person who sees you as a “person” not just a “client”.

Chris, four months ago

Professional, knowledgeable, caring

The very idea of going through the appeal process was overwhelming, but Elizabeth was always there encouraging, answering any questions and making herself available whenever I needed her. I really felt that she cared. She, at the same time, was professional and knowledgeable and steered me through the system seamlessly. I highly recommend her.

John, six months ago

She helped guide me

Attorney Smith was very helpful to me today. Her knowledge & understanding by answering all my concerns was greatly appreciated. She helped to guide me in the right direction that I needed to be in with my issues. I felt more confident and at ease when I left her office.

Thank you very much Attorney Elizabeth A. Smith!