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Facing a medical or mental disability without the benefit of health insurance is a frightening thought. Thankfully, if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you can receive the healthcare and hospitalization benefits you need. You will still be able to see doctors and health care professionals, and you can still get the treatment you need.

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SSD and Medicare

Medicare is a national health insurance program that provides coverage for people eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. It is financed by a payroll taxes and by monthly premiums deducted from Social Security checks.

Medicare helps with the cost of health care. Part A covers certain hospitalization benefits and some long-term care options. However, there are some exclusions and Medicare does not cover all medical expenses.

SSI and Medicaid

If you are qualified for Supplemental Security Income, you will be enrolled in Medicaid effective the date you applied for SSI.

Medicaid is a state-sponsored hospital and medical coverage program for disabled people. Each state has its own rules about what is covered under Medicaid. You may be asked to pay a small portion of the cost of some medical services.