Participating in the Eagle North Point Ice Festival

Back in September, the Cranberry Eagle asked if my office would like to be involved with the Eagle North Point Ice Festival, part of Santa’s First Stop in Cranberry Township. I immediately agreed to participate because I want to serve and support the community. I was excited and thankful to join in the fun, too—I chose to design an ice sculpture of two penguins.

In the days leading up to the Ice Festival, the temperatures were almost balmy. I began worrying that my ice sculpture might end up as a puddle if the weather stayed warm enough. Santa must have known about my worries because the weather dropped to freezing by the opening ring of the bells to signal the start of the Ice Festival. Phew!

As I drove down Rochester Road heading to the Cranberry Township Municipal Center for the festival, I was looking forward to a great evening. Within the first hour of the festival, there were already hundreds of people bustling around, visiting the food trucks in the rear of the Community Center and watching the live ice sculpture carvings in the front near Santa’s reindeer. Sixty blocks of ice were used throughout the night to carve more than twenty ice sculptures! Kids enjoyed watching the ice carvers work their magic. As a proud Pittsburgh sports fan, I’d say my own ice sculpture of the penguins went over well with many young Penguin fans.

The Cranberry Township EMT were collecting toys from those willing to give for Toys for Tots. It was great seeing people of all ages in the Community Center getting to enjoy themselves, eating, participating in caroling and lacrosse, looking at the specially decorated Christmas trees, and offering a word of holiday cheer.

Everyone was anxiously waiting for Santa and Mrs. Claus to arrive. He came for a quick stop before going on to visit other areas in Pittsburgh; fortunately, he will come back again on December 7thand 8thto meet with children during the Milk & Cookies events.

On my way out at the end of the night, I checked my penguins to see if they may have melted a little. They were still solid as a rock—and I was frozen too! As I left, I felt grateful to be part of this community.

The Office of Elizabeth A. Smith takes pride in our contributions to many deserving local causes and enjoys our participation in charitable community events.

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