Volunteering for the Butler County High School Mock Trial Competition

The other night, I had the honor to serve as a juror for the Butler County High School Mock Trial Competition. Over the past several years, I’ve volunteered to be involved with this community activity focused on the younger generation. I’ve proudly served in various roles such as a local coordinator, a coach for two different high school teams, and a juror.

This annual competition provides high school students the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in a Mock Trial competition. These students work with advisors on a specific case, then present their case in open Court before a Judge and jury—comprised of real, local attorneys. It’s incredible to witness these articulate students and see how well-prepared they are. And they must be well-prepared because they are representing themselves, their schools, families, and community. Afterwards, the students are judged on their skills and overall presentation.

This year, ten high school teams are competing locally; students from around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania compete at the local, regional, and state level. Finally, the winner represents Pennsylvania in a national competition. The Pennsylvania Bar Association coordinates this event on the state level; locally, the Butler County Bar Association coordinates and hosts high school teams from around the region.

As a dedicated attorney serving in Butler County, I enjoy participating in events that benefit the younger students. One day they will become attorneys and judges and serve as jurors themselves; this practice is important and quite beneficial for them to experience early on.

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